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Annual Fund Envelope Drive 2023

Now through November 22!

At Clyde Hill, we keep our fundraising simple and straightforward. Our fall Envelope Drive is our biggest fundraiser to raise money needed to help ALL students succeed. 



The PTA Budget helps provide extra GSA support staff for all students. (Not all pictured) 

Clyde Hill PTA’s “Envelope Drive” in Detail 


The PTA needs to raise $190,000 over this school year, and the Envelope Drive is our biggest fundraiser of the year. Last year the Envelope Drive raised more than $125,000 with less than $300 in expenses. 


Envelope Drive GOAL: To raise the majority of the $190,000 PTA Annual Fund during the Envelope Drive. This direct donation campaign relieves pressure on our spring Walk-A-Thon fundraiser and eliminates the need to do a door-to-door product sale. Most importantly, the Envelope Drive gets more money to the classrooms! 


Our PTA is 100% funded by YOU! PTA support is estimated to cost $400 per student (not per family) for this school year. 


It is up to each family to decide when to donate, but we encourage you to donate all or the majority of your donation during the Envelope Drive so the PTA can plan for next year. If our goal of $190,000 is not met, there will be a reduction in support and programs provided to students. 


Your child will be sent home with a bright yellow envelope and donation form on Friday, October 20. We hope to see a big return of yellow envelopes starting on Monday, October 23. Our goal is a 100% response – meaning every student returns an envelope by November 3, whether they contain a donation or not! 

- Every returned envelope (with or without donation) is entered in to a drawing for fun prizes!

- Classes with 100% return rate will a fun prize!

Every family that donates $1,000 or more, before matching, will receive an engraved paver located at the front entrance of the school!  Pavers are 6"x12" and can be customized with up to three lines of text.  Paver information will be sent to donors after the envelope drive has concluded.  


*If you did not receive an envelope and donation form, that’s okay! Please click here for a donation form. We accept envelopes of any color – just make sure to label them with your child’s full name, teacher, and grade. You can also donate online.


Your child will return their yellow envelope to school and place it in a specially marked Envelope Drive ‘Mailbox’ in the school’s main hallway.  Have Questions?  Visit our Q&A Page for even more details!

2023-2024 Envelope Drive Chair: Jodi Kusak

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