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2022 Walk-a-thon Fundraising

Better Together

Clyde Hill PTA raises funds to pay for essential in-classroom support and educational programs that government funding does not cover.


Our PTA sponsor:

  • Double the number of general school assistants (GSAs) from what the school district pays for. Total 7 GSAs, and teacher assistants who support our students' education and safety in the classroom, recess, and pickup/dropoff. 

  • School supplies, classroom materials, and professional development for staff.

  • Curriculum and classroom enhancement (e.g., Flocabulary, IXL, shelves for the pottery kiln, classroom reading materials, the Toymaker, library books)

  • Host all of our school's community events (e.g., Family Night, Heritage Festival, Science Fair and many more)

  • Student Programs and After School Programs/Clubs

  • ... and much more!

What is our goal?


We are hoping to raise $20,000 to ensure every child has general school assistants (GSAs), all the curriculum and classroom enhancement... Please consider a minimum donation of  $100 per student because it will allow us to continue to provide the enriched and opportunity-filled education we want for our children.

What: The 2022 Walkathon Fundraising – Our annual fundraising event involves a run/walk along a designated course. A fun way to bring our community spirit together.

When: May 13th, 2:30pm - 5:00pm

Where: Clyde Hill Elementary – Soccer Field & Covered Playground Area 


Clyde Hill Elementary students have the chance to be a part of the 2022 Walkathon.

Can parents volunteer to help with the Walkathon? 


Yes, yes, yes! We really need all hands on deck. We are asking each family to strongly consider signing up for one volunteer shift. Be part of the fun! Just like our walkathon theme- Better Together- this event will go smoothly only if we have enough volunteers. Sign up link in your walkathon package.

What are the COVID safety guidelines? 


Mask usage is optional. We will monitor county and Bellevue School District guidelines. 



Other Important Safety Guidelines 


  • A parent or adult guardian must be present and on campus during the walkathon; this is NOT a drop-off event. Children cannot attend on their own, nor can an older sibling watch your child.

  • There will be a first aid station in case special care is needed. 

  • Please bring a hat, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, extra socks, and layers of clothing for our wonderful, unpredictable spring weather. The event is on, rain or shine. 

  • Traffic on the field is ONE WAY. Only enter and exit the field at the designated areas

  • No eating is allowed on the course. 

  • Drinking water is allowed on the field. 

  • Since the event is right after school, please help your student carry their backpack and keep it safe with you. You can establish a meeting point where your child can find you throughout the day and show them where to go if they are lost. 

  • Bathroom access is available. 

  • Parking: you can park in the school parking lot. Please RESPECT the spaces marked for ‘after school pick up only’ 

2021-2022 Walk-a-thon Chair: Lizie Piazza

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