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Frequently Asked Questions about the Envelope Drive 



Quick Envelope Drive Rundown:

OCTOBER 21: Envelopes sent home in backpacks
OCTOBER 24: First day to return envelopes to school and class competition begins!

OCTOBER 28: First Day of Spirit Week! AND Trunk or Treat event in evening.

OCTOBER 31: Last week of Envelope Drive and classroom competition.
NOVEMBER 4: Last day to return envelopes to the school.


Q: You prefer donations to be made online, so why bring the yellow envelope back to school?

A: Donations made online require less volunteer hours and faster for tracking purposes.  If you do make a donation online, PLEASE return the yellow envelope to school!  There is a classroom competition to see what class from each grade returns the most envelopes (with or without a donation).  Winning class from each grade receives a prize and any classes with 100% return rate will get a suprise! 

Q: What if I never received or can’t find the bright yellow envelope or donation form?

A: A donation form is available on the PTA website. We accept envelopes of any color – just make sure to clearly label your envelope with the child’s name, grade, and teacher and return to school before November 4. 


Q: Where do I turn in our yellow envelope and donation form?

A: Please return your envelopes to school between October 24-November 4. Students can place their envelopes in the designated Envelope Drive “Mailbox” located in the school’s main hallway. 


Q: I have two kids at Clyde Hill but only want to write one check or one online donation, what do I do?

A: Include your donation in one check and put it in one envelope. But PLEASE turn in envelopes for all children in your family. There is a box on the Envelope Drive donation form to indicate that your donation is being sent in with a different envelope/student.  You can make one online donation too! Just remember to return your envelopes for the class competition!  


Q: Why is the Envelope Drive our major fundraiser?

A: The Envelope Drive is extremely cost-friendly and an easy fundraising model with high returns. It also allows the entire Clyde Hill Community to be involved. ALL donations go straight to Annual Fund!  We spent less than $300 to run this fundraiser last year and raised almost $120,000!


Q: Why only two weeks? (October 24 - November 4, 2022)

A: The two-week focus is to keep everyone engaged and GET IT DONE! You are, of course, welcome to contribute money to the Annual Fund at any time of year, but it works best for the PTA if you can make your commitment now. 


Q: What is the overall goal?

A: Our goal is 100% participation – we want everyone in the Clyde Hill Elementary community to return their envelope. 


From a monetary perspective, the goal is to raise enough money to cover current PTA expenses: $195,000. This comes to approximately $425 per student (not per family). Please donate what you can.

*Please check if your company has a matching program! 


Have your own questions? Please feel free to send them to

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