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2022-2023 Yearbook Information Coming Soon!

2021-2022-2023 Yearbook Information

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SCHOOL'S PASSCODE:  1016081451422156

YEARBOOK PRICE:  $22.71+tax (includes 2 FREE custom pages)


Here is the order link: 

Please purchase books by April 26 in order to be guaranteed a book will be delivered to your child in June. 


Please note:  


*Parents who want to purchase yearbooks MUST order through the TreeRing website link above ONLY.  


*We DO NOT have extra physical yearbooks for parents to buy since there are two customized free pages for each yearbook. 


*All yearbooks which have been purchased CAN NOT BE RETURNED.  


If you need help, please visit the HELP BUYING & CUSTOMIZING YOUR YEARBOOKpage to find Q&A, and the customer services are available at the bottom of the page to assist you Monday - Friday from 6 AM to 6 PM. 


Thank you all for your understanding! 

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Do you have photos of school events from the school year that you can share with us? We need whatever you have... and we need it now!

Please choose the correct folder to upload the photos you have for that page!

Upload to as many folders as you can!

Please upload photos that are school-related only. (NO vacation photos!)

Please upload photos by Tuesday, April 26 so we can make it in the book.

Below are shareable folder links of yearbook albums for each class. Parents and teachers are more than welcome to upload photos into their own class folders.


1.  Register here first, then go to the specific albums and upload your pictures. 

2.  Only post relevant photos in specific albums. Photos that do not comply with album themes will not be used.  

3.  Choose the best photo to post in each album, as multiple photos of the same student in the same category cannot be used. For example, if student A has 2 photos in one event, and 3 in another event only 1 photo will be used from each category. 

4.  .JPG or .JPEG format ONLY, in largest file size possible. 

5.  Please do not create your own albums. 

6.  If you are unable to upload the picture, please send a copy of the picture to (But, please try to upload!) 

* Will try to include every student in the yearbook. But can’t guarantee that your student will be included. 


G1- Ms. Latura 

G1- Ms. Anderson 

G1- Ms. Hwang 

G1- Ms. Lee 


G2- Ms. Bauman 

G2- Ms. Beba 

G2- Ms. Probert-Baker 


G3- Mr. Morton 

G3- Ms. Cowling 

G3- Ms. Mawer 


G4- Ms. Gallawa 

G4- Ms. Decostanzo 

G4- Ms. Helmers 


G5- Ms. Hartmann 

G5- Ms. Heinemann 

G5- Ms. Titus 


K- Ms. Haber 

K- Ms. Homa 

K- Ms. Kwan 


CHE-BVA  (Bellevue Virtual Academy) 


safety patrol 






Popsicle Meetup 


Walk to School 


Spirit Week 


Trunk or Treat 


Family Night 


Science Fair 




Jr Newsletter 


Services Team 

DEADLINE: Tuesday, April 26

*To students and staff who are new here or didn’t attend picture day and retake day and still want their portraits to be included in the 2021-2022 yearbook. Please see the instructions below. 

--- Take a headshot of your child (shoulders and head) in front of a plain gray, white or natural background. 

--- Register here first, then go to the specific class link and click to upload your portrait. Make sure to label your child's GRADE- NAME -TEACHER (eg: 4 –Funny Fun - Johnny Smith) in the file name or the comments(Enter a caption) on the upload page. 

--- Due date is April 26th if you want to be included.  Otherwise, we will mark “not pictured” in the book by their name. 

Please feel free to contact the yearbook team if you have any questions at 
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