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3/30/2023 - Message about Building Community Solutions – Transitions Planning

Dear Clyde Hill Community, 

We are excited to share with you the launch of a NEW weekly communication, the Community Planning Team Newsletter! The purpose of this weekly update is to share details about the consolidation of Wilburton Elementary so that you understand the work being done to support sensitive spring farewells and joyful fall hellos as we build our new school community together. 

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3/24/2023 - Message about Announcing Chhoun Mey and Brooke Garcia-De Leon as Co-Principals of Clyde Hill Elementary

Dear Clyde Hill Community, 

This message provides your communities with an update regarding the school leadership team for 2023-2024. While the important work of the transition teams continues, we are announcing the following leadership teams: 

The Wilburton community will be attending both Clyde Hill and Enatai Elementary Schools for the 2023-2024 school year. Currently, Mr. Chhoun Mey serves as the principal of Wilburton Elementary School and Ms. Stephanie Mathias serves as the Assistant Principal. Both are outstanding building leaders. Mr. Chhoun Mey will serve as Co-Principal of Clyde Hill Elementary alongside Ms. Brooke Garcia- De Leon, the current Principal of Clyde Hill Elementary School. Ms. Stephanie Mathias will be serving as the Assistant Principal at Enatai Elementary School for the 2023-2024 year, alongside current principal Ms. Amy MacDonald. 

The purpose of making these leadership teams adjustments at the schools being consolidated is to ensure leadership continuity and support within the school communities. Our Principals and Assistant Principals are incredible leaders who are fully dedicated to supporting their staff and families.   

Attached is a community letter from Principals Mey and Garcia-De Leon. More details regarding school transition planning will be regularly shared with opportunities for input in the coming weeks.   

In partnership,  

Heather Sánchez 
Executive Director of Schools   
Bellevue School District 405 

Community Letter from

Co-Principals Garcia and Mey


Community Letter from

Co-Principals Garcia and Mey


Community Letter from

Co-Principals Garcia and Mey


Community Letter from

Co-Principals Garcia and Mey


6th grade class selection

3/8/2023 - Message about 2023-2024 6th grade class selection
                         from Chinook Middle School

Future Kodiak Families,


It is that time of year for students to register for classes for the upcoming school year. We are looking forward to having your students joining us at Chinook Middle School in the fall.  Our first step in preparing for next school year is registration.  It is important to note that we build our master schedule based on student course requests. The choices students and families make now will determine your student's 2023-2024 course schedule.


We encourage students and their families to have an honest and open conversation about their schedule and course load.  All students should seek to challenge themselves academically through their course selections while also being mindful of having a healthy balance. 


Student course requests help us determine how many classes are necessary for teacher staffing.  Because of this, schedule changes are not made except under extraordinary circumstances.  This year Chinook will not be collecting any paper request forms.  All student requests will be submitted online via Synergy in Parent/Student Vue.


Chinook Staff will present in 5th grade classrooms the week of March 13th. Registration is due by Friday, March 31st   Registration materials will be given to students in class on the day of their presentation.  Materials are available on our website HERE.  


Dates for School Visits - 

  • Woodridge March 13th - 1:15 pm—2:15 pm

  • Wilburton March 13th  -  11:00 am—12:00 pm 

  • Clyde Hill March 14th  - 1:00 pm—2:00 pm

  • Enatai March 15th  - 8:30 am—9:30 am

  • Medina March 16th - 11:00 am—12:00 pm


5th Grade Parent Question and Answer Session - 

  • Tuesday, March 21st - 6:30 PM.


Resources - 

The Chinook website has several resources to help with registration.

How to video for selecting courses in Synergy -

Counselors will be available for support with any question or concerns.


Sam Glinsmann - A - E -

Molly Mazur - F - M -

Jamie Johnson - N - Z -


We look forward to having your students at Chinook in the fall!  

Jason Clark

Pronouns: he, him, his

Assistant Principal

Chinook Middle School

bellevue school district
Phone: 425.456.6305 |  Cell: 425.428.3340 | 

  Chat with me on Teams

3/6/2023 - Message about 2023-2024 6th grade class selection
                        from Clyde Hill PTA

The Chinook Middle School counselors will be visiting Clyde Hill 5th graders on March 14 to help students select classes for their 6th grade year. Slides from Chinook's Open House/Curriculum Night that took place this past January are here: Class selection information starts on slide 7.

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