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After-school Programs

Registration is now open for Spring 2023 Programs.
Please volunteer to help bring other after school programs to Clyde Hill.
If there are other progams not listed, please email
Please note that no programs offer classes when Bellevue School District is closed.


Right at School serves students at the Clyde Hill Campus.


Boys and Girls Club serves students at the Downtown Clubhouse.  Buses transport the students after school.

Parisa Language Academy

Come and join us in a bilingual, multicultural education which opens doors and minds to the world. PANW offers language immersion classes for students who wish to get a head-start before high school and have fun while learning a language. The class is taught by an experienced teacher using curriculum that is carefully designed by language experts in the field. Students are introduced to new vocabulary and their correct pronunciation periodically following a theme. The curriculum is designed for a year-round program, divided to two terms, to ensure progress to next level each year. With help of workbook and supplementary activities, students will engage and immerse in the language and enjoy cultural lessons while expanding knowledge and vocabulary on the subject on hand. Communicative approach is adopted, and lessons are constructed around five elements for elementary students: Total Physical Response Activities, Songs, Games, Crafts and Culture. Inspired by Montessori system, groups are organized by language level and age and work in groups or one to one to maximize learning outcome. 

Spanish for Grades K-5:

  • Days: Thursday for 13 sessions

  • Time: dismissal - 3:35pm 

  • Location: Clyde Hill Elementary - Kinder Wing

  • Dates: March 16 - June 15

  • Price: $345

French for Grades K-5:

  • Days: Friday for 12 sessions

  • Time: dismissal - 3:35pm 

  • Location: Clyde Hill Elementary - Kinder Wing

  • Dates: March 3 - June 2

  • Price: $320

Excel with Chess 

Welcome back to in-person chess club at Clyde Hill Elementary! Each class will have check-in, lessons, practice play, and an in class tournament round. We ensure that all kids are being challenged and learning something new each week. Our Fall session is 11 weeks long from October 5 to December 14 on Wednesdays at 12:15pm, minus school holidays. Our first class we will be assessing all of the students to see what level everyone is at. Based on these assessments, we may have multiple groups. This will also give us an idea what key chess strategies we will be learning throughout the 11 weeks!


For Grades K-5:

  • Schedule: Wednesday 

  • Time: Dismissal to 1:15

  • Location: Clyde Hill Elementary GYM

  • Dates: March 29 - June 7 

  • Price: $250


Previously Offered Programs

Please volunteer to help bring other afterschool programs to Clyde Hill.

American Academy of Fine Arts

American Academy of  Fine Arts provides basic sculpting skill classes for K-5 students at Clyde Hill Elementary school. Sculpture, a 3D art, lives in the world with us, sharing space in our 3D experience. In its very essence, the sculpture provides a physical platform for the expression of our ideas and thoughts. It has marked our history, recording our evolving humanity with form, shape, and material.

Badminton by Northwest Badminton Academy

Recreation-based badminton lessons after school program at Clyde Hill Elementary school will serve students in K through 5th grade. This offers students the chance to learn more about badminton and develop their skills with fun games and activities. Anyone from beginner to experienced players can join and it’s truly about enjoying the game.


This proposed after-school program will serve multiple purposes. Our vision is to instill passion, confidence and comradeship amongst the students and promote badminton as a mainstream sport in schools. Northwest Badminton Academy will provide all the resources needed to run this program, including rackets, birdies, and nets. The program will have a direct impact that will

  • Provide a fun and safe place for the elementary students attending after school hours

  • Introduce and engage students in positive, potential long professional badminton pursuits

  • Effectively increase health, wellness and fitness for students

  • Our coaches will periodically assess the skills of the students and awards will be provided to the best performers

Mandarin by Sponge 

Sponge offers award-winning Chinese (Mandarin) classes for kids in the greater Seattle area and the Eastside.  All of our classes are designed to be engaging and effective.  We think the best way to learn a language is to be immersed in it and having fun.  That fun is age dependent - meaning peek-a-boo for the infants and drama and art for big kids.

Basketball by LOCALHOOPS

LOCALHOOPS Training Academy is a Bellevue-based basketball organization that specializes in athlete development. Our experienced coaches work to instill the fundamentals of basketball, with skills training, and live drills to teach the game. Athletes will also be sent video homework throughout the season with drills they can do at home to improve their skills! Our goal is to teach life lessons through the game of basketball: discipline, hard work, respect, teamwork are all things our youth need to be successful in life. “Success Is A Habit”

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