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2022 Science and STEM Fair



What: The 2022 Science and Stem Fair – A chance for all students to learn and show others their science and STEM discoveries.

When: March 24, 5-7 pm

Where: Clyde Hill Elementary – Covered Playground Area 

Clyde Hill Elementary students have the chance to be a part of the 2022 Science and STEM Fair. This is a great chance to learn something new and spark an interest in science. This can be a great activity for asynchronous learning. Science fair projects can be in 1 of 3 areas:

  • Experiments - Pose a question or hypothesis and test whether that is true. Apply the scientific method, use control groups and experimental groups. If possible, use measurements of time, mass, growth, etc., and report the findings.  

  • Research Topics/Exhibits – Take a topic that students are really interested in. Whether its travel to space or types of sharks in Washington State. Provide a poster-style display to show and tell others about the topic.

  • Build – Whether it’s a toothpick bridge, model treehouse, or a homemade robot, create something. Creations should be scale-sized versions of structures we might find in the real world. Tell us why the structure is being built, explain how it works, and show us your structure. 

What to do?


Step 1: Pick a project idea! (need ideas? Check ( or

No Animals (alive or dead)

Step 2: Research the topic/do your experiments/build your structures

Step 3: Create your presentation – Submissions should be on a poster board. 


Here are poster examples:


  • Poster Boards will be available for pickup:

    • 3/10 from 2:30 pm - 3 pm in front of the school

    • 3/14 from 2:30 pm - 3 pm in front of the school

  • Signup Genius:  

    • Please sign up by 3/7 to allow time for poster board pickup on 3/10 or 3/14.

Step 4: Setup in the Covered Playground Area on 3/24 from 3:30-4:30, please make sure setup is complete by 4:30 pm.

A chance to share your discoveries and creations and to see what others have discovered and created. 



Questions? Contact Dina Eldin (

Science Fair can't happen without your help! Please sign up to be a volunteer.

2021-2022 Science Fair Chair: Dina Eldin

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