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2022-2023 Yearbook Information!

Yearbook Update

Thank you everyone for your patience around the yearbooks!

The delivery date for the yearbook has been pushed out until mid to late July. We will update when there is a solid date. We will have pickup times at Clyde Hill elementary over the summer.  We are trying to align pickup with summer playdates.


Preschool classes WILL be included in the yearbook.


We are printing and distributing autograph page cards for ALL students (elementary and preschool). We will put them in teacher's boxes tomorrow night after the PTA election for distribution this Friday June 16th.


We will start recruiting people to help with the yearbook for next year very soon to keep this from happening again - please consider helping! (If you are already interested - please email


Thank you!!!

Please feel free to contact the yearbook team if you have any questions at 

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