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Room Parent Info

Thank you for your interest in being a room parent!  This page contains helpful information and suggestions about being a room parent.


The main responsibilities as room parents are:

  • Working with your teacher to plan class events and parties

  • Informing your class's families about school and classroom events and other important communications

  • Coordinating teacher's gifts to show your teacher and all the teachers your children work with how wonderful they are and how much we appreciate them

  • Managing a class fund

Please remember:

  • BCC families when you send emails, we do not have permission to share emails out.

  • Respect food allergies in the classrooms - no peanut products.  Talk to your teacher about other restrictions.

  • Respect photo permissions - many families do not give permission to have photos taken of their child.  For families that have opted in, do not share photos that have children in them beyond the classroom.

Our room parent cooredinator this 2022-2023 year is: Lizie Piazza  (Thank you Lizie!)

Other help room parents can provide:

  • Here is a fun facts sheet you can ask your teacher to fill out in the beginning of the year and share out with the class.

  • Ask families who would be willing to share their emails with the class for play dates and similar and share out this list

  • Help organize stocking the staff lounge

  • Ask teacher if they would like help organizing volunteers for the classroom

Typical class events throughout the year:

  • harvest party (typically the end of October)

  • winter party (typically the week before winter break starts)

  • spring/friendship/valentines party (typically the middle of Feb)

  • end of year party

Suggested times to show teachers we appreciate them year-round!

  • teacher's birthday

  • winter break

  • teacher appreciation week (usually in May)

  • end of year

  • if you can show the specialists and other staff love - please do!

Class fund info:

  • Class fund is not related to PTA fundraising.  

  • Please talk to your teacher about activities to get an idea of how much to ask for class funds.  Asks typically range between $25-$40 per child.

  • Keep track of the money you collect.  However, do not make public who gave what amount.  

  • Make the budget available to families.  (You will need two documents, one for collection to be kept private within room parents and one for budget to be made public.)

  • Use your budget to decide how much you should spend on each activity.   Parties typically average out to $50.  We have found that kids are quite happy with a craft, a class game, a snack and a movie.

Beginning of Year welcome letter template: Coming Soon!

Budget template: Coming Soon!

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